Luxury in its simplicity.
That’s our philosophy.
We combine highest quality, design and nature.


MENHIR (Monolith, upright stone) uses the space of the round design in its length so that the sleeping area is directly facing the door. ‘Step in and feel good’ is the architect’s message. Similar to the monoliths over the past centuries, the PODhouse MENHIR also generates a peculiar magic. The round shapes of the construction meet above the heads of the sleepers and thus have a calming effect and create a good feeling of security.


CAUMA (sleeping place) offers up to three sleeping places. The simple design becomes a wooden area of security for its dwellers that they do not really want to leave anymore. Two windows and the glass entrance door flood the interior with light during the day and by night you can experience completely new sensations by watching nature from your bed.


The dual meaning of the largest PODhouse is also reflected in its name: PLAUN (meaning: peaceful and: space) is the largest of the series but does not compromise in the least its unique, exclusive charm. Due to the intelligent design of PLAUN, up to four persons find space in this PODhouse, also giving families the possibility to enjoy living close to nature.

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