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Fiera del Camper 2013 Parma, IT

The second biggest European event dedicated to the plein air. It offers the opportunity to meet the most prestigious manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans, equipment suppliers, en plein air operators and a significant selection of trailer tents, tents, awnings, and other camping equipment like PODhouses. This will be join with an area dedicated to tourism […]

Camping Madulain

Camping Madulain-Oberengadin has recently made three new, innovative PODHouses available. This simple wooden accommodation, for a maximum of two people, is for guests who want simple accommodation with direct access to nature.

PODhouse in Engadin

The convenient, well-maintained camping ground located on an attractive sun terrace in Madulain (Graubünden) has a family atmosphere, and is equipped with modern sanitary facilities and, recently, PODhouses, ensuring holidays are a pleasant experience. Now available for booking.

PODhouse-Article @Dornob

How amazing would it be to find the perfect vacation spot and simply plop a pre-fabricated home down on it? That’s the aim of the folks behind PODhouse, a small prefab cabin that can be delivered, electrical wiring and all, to a destination of your choosing. Dornob.com

Hasenkammer resort

Enjoy the feeling of shelter in the three new PODhouses in the “Zur Hasenkammer resort” in North Rhine-Westfalia which was named “most popular resort” in Germany in 2012.

New Location

We are excited about our new location in the Swiss Alps. Two CAUMA’s are waiting for you in the St. Cassian campsite which stands at the feet of Lenzerhorn at 1425 meters above sea level in the middle of the holiday region of Lenzerheide/Valbella in Graubünden.